Management Consulting

Ever wanted to start your own business and be your own boss? If so, this is the right time. Bramma START UP services will offer your complete assistance from incorporating your company dealing with different statutory requirements, trade marking copyright, investor presentation, and a basic business plan.With Bramma START UP package you will be fully ready to launch the business. An optional launch plan is also given as per the requirement.

When you think of a business, you should first think about its feasibility. Marketing and operational feasibility can be scientifically studied by Bramma Team. Different types of surveys and interviews are carried out by Bramma Team for the same. Let it be a marketing survey, feasibility study, detailed object/business plan or a mystery evaluation. Bramma RESEARCH team is ready to help you with the real results.

If your operations are on the right track, you may be thinking about an expansion or rebranding. A complete team of strategists, creative ideators, and content managers gives your brand the complete uplift it needs. Unlike usual creative agencies, Bramma Makeover focuses on the functional aspects of your marketing tools too, thus enabling you to have maximum output from your sales and marketing efforts.

Most of entrepreneurs find it difficult to take some key  decisions. Our consultants with varied experiences across dominant domains can mentor you in taking these decisions. All the organizational doubts can be addressed through the Bramma Mentoring section. A mentor can guide you to better decisions and better business. The Mentoring sections may be for hours or for months. The advantage is that, an entrepreneur gets instant solutions for his problems.

You may be running a company successfully, but there is always scope for improvement or there can be some errors which you haven’t noticed. Through Bramma SCAN we can analyse the processes, people and systems inside your company In detail and come up with a detailed report. Scan goes through every department, every person and evaluate them. This report can help you in identifying the issues inside the company and the solutions to overcome it.

After a detailed process study analysis the findings should be implemented properly. It can be designing and developing proper strategies, restructuring the heirachy, implementing automated reporting systems, recruiting the right staff for the right job, defining job responsibilities, performance-oriented appraisal system, and what not. INSIGHT provides you all the support you need to streamline your entire operations and to take the company to the next level.

Every company needs a periodic review system just to make sure that everything is working properly it is a kind of periodic maintenance for the system and the people inside that company. Bramma review thus can enhance the performance level of the organization in the most effective manner. Reviews can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Other Services


Microskope Business consulting aims at helping
Micro Businesses by providing efficient, flexible and
cost-effective management consulting services.
Our strategic advisory professionals and expert
practitioners help business owners to design
strategies, implement growth projects, and run
critical initiatives.



Growlab is Kerala’s first platform that brings
together investors & businesses under one umbrella.
Focussing mainly on SME segment Growlab has
created an investor pool of over 100 + investors with
a fund pool of over Rs 50 crore & growing. Growlab
offers virtual pitch, incubation program & startup
exhibition for businesses in Kerala.

bramma academy

Bramma Academy would be the first of its type in
Kerala, providing top-notch training in management
and entrepreneurship. Future “Educated
Entrepreneurs” are to be produced by the Academy.
To develop professionals and competently run
organisations, the school will also offer courses and
trainings in the area of management.
The most powerful tool a person can possess is
education, and success depends on how effectively
they use it. Everybody will gain from Bramma
Academy focus on Practical, Positive- Professional

bramma events

Bramma Events devotes itself to delivering various
training programmes that are tailored to the
requirements of entrepreneurs and organisations.
Our training programmes are designed to help
people and organisations to change for the better,
fostering growth and success. Bramma Events
provide a wide platform for business networking.

Training & Development

Sales Enhancement Trainings

Most organizations don’t use their sales force properly. Sales enhancement can be done when the sales team identifies the reasons for selling that product or service. Bramma training sessions give them proper reasoning for the same and make them motivated to do more sales using innovative tips and techniques.

Operational Excellence Trainings

There can be several issues in day-today operations inside a company. Many of these issues occur due to role ambiguity and lack of ownership. The importance of taking ownership will be communicated and techniques to become a team leader are presented through these sessions.

Vision/Strategy setting Workshop

A clear vision and associated mission are a must for every organization. The vision and values of the promoter can be defined using certain methods. This is done through various exercises with the key person of the organization. Bramma’s vision workshops develop an apt vision statement for the organization. Bramma also helps in developing appropriate strategies to attain the vision.

Attitude Re-Engineering Training

The attitude is more important than the skill. A workshop on the Re-Engineering attitude of the staff inside an organization can do wonders in their output. This is done through a step-by-step process which is developed through intense research by the expert training team in Bramma.


FLY HI is a 30 days intensive managerial excellence program for Entrepreneurs and top management professionals based on 18 laws of Entrepreneurship. It upskills managerial abilities and helps people to move up in their business and career.

BBD Logo CTC 1

This program the Big Billion Destiny consists of a 3 days workshop to design a journey for the next 3 years from visualizing a brand, its business model, positioning, budget preparation, and pitch deck followed by strategy making and its review.

Outbound Trainings

Outbound training is necessary in improving the team. Building, enhancing departmental communications, developing leadership skills, identifying self, aligning staff’s vision to that of the organization’s vision, etc. These sessions are done on adventurous and existing terrains to ensure the environment of the participants. Bramma’s specially trained OBT trainers can thus help you to improve the efficiency of your team.


CBL (Certified Business Leader) is a six months consulting training program for Entrepreneurs. These will enhance the quality of the Entreupreners and help them to implement their vision and values in their respective organizations. This transformational journey is purely practical.

Branding & Creatives


Akshah production is a Production and media
management initiative done by Bramma which
focuses on addressing result oriented production
and media management activities. Our vision is to
“Deliver creative and result oriented production and
media management services”.

  • Major services are :
    Media management
    Video ad production
    Graphic ad production
    Corporate events management
  • Celebrity management
    PR management
    Outdoor marketing
    Branding and creatives
bramma digital

Bramma Digital designs and implements a digital
and social media marketing campaign for its clients
in such a way that adds value to the potential and
existing stakeholders and does not look like a mere
company pushing a product. We also provide all
web-related services to our clients in a
result-oriented way. Our services are,

• Website Design and Development
• Content Management Service
• Domain Registration & Website Hosting Services
• Website Promotion Services

Social Media Management
• Social Media Management
• Social media Analysis
• Social media marketing & promotional campaigns
Digital Marketing
• Google Ads
• Social Media Marketing

bramma creatives

We at Bramma Creatives, deliver strong Branding
identity through marketing communications
across all media. As a professional team of
multidisciplinary specialists, Bramma Creative’s
experience runs deep in Designing, Brand
Development and Positioning.
A proper brand identity can push the brand a lot
more and create trust in our target audience.
A revamped look of the brand will help the brand to
reach globally and communicate its revived
approach of Innovation.

  • Brand Consulting
    Logo Design
    Corporate identity
    Company Profile
    Brochure & Catalogue
  • Packaging & Label Design
    Banners & Hoardings
    Company Culture Design
    Outdoor Brand Identity Design
    Indoor Branding
Ding dong ding logo 07

Ding Dong Ding designs and implements social media marketing campaign for its clients in such a way that adds value to potential and existing stakeholder and does not look like a mere company pushing product. The best way for us to tell you our story is through the projects that we deliver.