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Growlab The Helping Hand for Startups!


JB Mathews

‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it’ – Paulo Coelho

Seed funding, angel funding, venture capital funding, these are terms people in the business space generally hear and the most loved words for any entrepreneur. But what happens to an idea from an ideator who does not have the right connections to create that visibility within investor circles? What happens to businesses that only need Rs 10 lac – Rs 50 lac investment but can bring about good return on investment? Where do small businesses go for funding? One of the many Dont’s of a business is not to raise investment from friends/family. But what other option is available? Who can be ‘The Helping Hand’?

Introducing Growlab. A one-stop solution platform for startups in Kerala focused on the SME & MSME segment. With a vision to make fund sourcing easy and to help businesses grow, Growlab intends to be the driving force that handholds investors and ideators to scrip their success stories.

The foundation for Growlab has been out of the most relevant pain point ideators face, INVESTMENT! Often during our consulting process we have come across this pain point ideators face. This pressing issue is largely unaddressed as well though SME & MSME play a pivotal role in their contribution towards an economy. Many an ideator quits their business idea for the same reason. As a matter of fact, some of the best investment with highest returns often is to invest in these smaller cap business ideas that have exponential growth potential.

Growlab is a one-of-a-kind unique platform that serves as a bridge between ideators and investors, offering invaluable support to startups in Kochi’s SME & MSME sector. The curated platform, backed by the full-stack consulting expertise of Bramma’s consulting team, features two online pitch opportunities each month and a three-month, result-oriented incubation program. Every ideator pitch showcased on the platform includes comprehensive information crucial for investor confidence and undergoes meticulous vetting by our team of seasoned business consultants in Kochi and business strategists in Kochi. Each pitch is accessible to a vast investor pool, with Growlab playing a pivotal facilitator role in ensuring investment completion. As the demand for startup investment surges, Growlab is expanding its renowned investor pool, the 101 Angels, poised to emerge as the driving force behind startup growth in Kerala for years to come.

For a business idea to be investment ready, Growlab offers services including pitch deck preparation, mentoring and handholding as well. Further, Growlab will also provide investors handholding services to support the success of the startup through the investment.

Hey, are you stuck on how to move ahead with your business idea?

Don’t worry, Growlab is here to support you.

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